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WVVA is a fully accredited, alternative education program. We offer core subjects, foreign languages, fine arts, computer science, career planning and other electives. You have the assurance that you are enrolled in a program that has earned international and national accreditation. WVVA credits are accepted at colleges and universities.

WVVA provides online courses and tutoring if needed, allowing students to excel in courses. We make modifications for students with IEP and 504 Plans. 85% of our students complete their courses on time. You are where you want to be - back on track. Our teachers are here for you, so you spend your time learning and not struggling. You also receive more individualized support than in a traditional school setting.

We are where you are and have a reliable network. Plus, we have a large group of certified teachers to help you reach your goals. 

WVVA gives you the opportunity to get your diploma and any help you may need to make it happen. You can also take courses that may not be offered in a traditional school, that will allow you to challenge yourself.

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Ashley Lieberknecht

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