West Valley Equity and Inclusion

Oct 15, 2021

WVSD has always sought to encourage diversity throughout our schools. In addition to working to ensure that our campuses reflect the community around us, we also strive to ensure that all students are provided the support that they need to succeed. Below are our promises for equity and inclusion at WVSD.

EQUITY VISION: Success for All Students

EQUITY MISSION: Proactively remove systemic barriers and create opportunities for student success.

  • Build resilience among our students, families, and communities.
  • Build leadership skills for parents as the first and most important teachers and advocates for their child.
  • Support our school staff to lead family-friendly schools and culturally-responsive classrooms.

INCLUSION VISION: Access for All Students

INCLUSION MISSION: Provide access for all students to content, peers, and opportunities in an inclusive environment.

  • Increase the percentage of students who are served in the general education setting for 80% or more of their school day.
  • Increase implementation of Universal Design for Learning.
  • Include staff members in goal setting, identifying supports, and addressing barriers.