College in the High School

West Valley High School has agreements with the University of Washington, Central Washington University and Eastern Washington University to offer a variety of courses that meet the universities’ standards for college level credit. Our courses are taught by WV teachers who are also adjunct professors at the university level. Instructional materials and assessments are approved by the universities. In some cases, students must pass a university placement test in order to be eligible to earn the college credit. Credits are direct transcript and may be transferred as any other college credit.

In order to earn college credit, the University of Washington requires that 60% of the class pay a fee to the University for each course (1 semester at WV). Central Washington University has no restrictions on the number of students who must enroll for college credit. CWU charges for each 5 credit course (1 semester at WV).

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CHS Example of Cost Savings

  • College in the High School classes are articulated with four-year colleges. There is a reduced tuition cost for West Valley students.
  • Cost per credit for CHS credit via UW = $69.50 per credit
  • Cost per credit for regular college credit at UW Seattle Campus = $358.40 per credit
  • CHS Chemistry, full year at West Valley High School = 10 credits
  • A West Valley student will pay $695 for the 10 CHS credits. The cost to take the 10 credits on the UW Seattle campus would be $3,584.
  • Every student who earns CHS credits for the full year of CHS Chemistry at West Valley saves their family $2,889.

Available CHS Courses

CHS English 111-Fiction

CHS English 131-Non Fiction

CHS Environmental Science 201

CHS Environmental Science 202

CHS Physics 111

CHS Physics 112

CHS Pre-Calculus 153

CHS Pre-Calculus 154

CHS Math 101

CHS Math 102

CHS Military History 314

CHS U.S. Government POLI 100

CHS Chemistry 110

CHS Calculus 172

CHS Calculus 173

CHS US History 144

CHS Psychology 101

CHS Spanish 401-402

CHS Spanish 501-502

CHS German 151-152

CHS German 153

CHS Jazz History MUSC 356

CHS Music In Hum. MUSC 212

CHS Chemistry 110